Variety is key - one day I’m working on a small site, the next I’m dealing with the most complex

Gavin's thoughts on NHBC

What was your background before joining NHBC?

I used to work for a rural local authority and I had reached the limit of what I could learn and experience there. NHBC provided me with the opportunity to work around the country on sites affected by more complex contamination and ground gas issues than I would ever experience in my previous job.

So what does your current role entail?

I review technical assessments to ensure that site investigations and proposed remedial works comply with the NHBC Standards and Part C of the Building Regulations. We often have to provide advice to consultants and architects to ensure the submissions are up to standard and ensure what is being built on site is going to comply.

How has your career developed since joining the company?

I joined NHBC in 2006 at an engineer grade and over time I have gained the experience and been given the opportunities to enable me to progress up through the career structure. I was promoted to Principal Geo-Environmental Engineer  in 2016. NHBC has supported me and allowed me the time to become a Member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences and become a Chartered Environmentalist.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The variety of work and sites I get involved with. One day working on a small site with minor contamination issues to the next day working on one of the most complex sites you will get the chance to work on.  NHBC is a great place to work and gives you the experience to progress to the next level.