Since joining, I feel as though my career has been rejuvenated

Andy's thoughts on NHBC

What is your role with NHBC?

I am a Senior Geotechnical Engineer within the NHBC Land Quality Endorsement team. We operate as an early engagement commercial consultancy to assess brownfield sites against NHBC Standards.  I also assist colleagues in other parts of NHBC on ground risk issues where it is more complex and my specialist input is required.

What has been your experience since joining the company?

I am approaching my 1st year anniversary and I can’t quite believe how quickly it has come around.  After a well-rounded and thorough induction period and getting to know the company and its organisational processes, I feel very well prepared for any future challenges in this role. The time afforded by NHBC to you as an individual is unlike any previous place of employment I have known.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I really appreciate the ability to positively influence projects, and ultimately, to protect someone’s home from risk.  Within NHBC Land Quality Endorsement, we are very much an early engagement team and have the ability to raise standards, and reduce risk, for future suitability for NHBC Buildmark Warranty.

After a good number of years working on Design and Build projects for major infrastructure and oil and gas projects, working at NHBC has allowed me to pass on my experience within a new engineering sector.  I also have close working relationships and interaction with external consulting engineers, everyone working towards the best solution for projects and homeowners.

What would you say to prospective candidates thinking of joining NHBC?

I never really appreciated the “engineering clout” that NHBC have in house, from Chartered Structural Engineers to my own technical specialism. You will have a support network of experienced professionals working to help you settle into an organisation that is very much focused on the wellbeing of their employees and appreciative of their skills.